Build your skills in Human-Centred Design in this practical, short and sweet intro. You’ll be introduced to HCD (beyond the buzzwords) and practically apply the design process to a customer experience challenge.


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HCD101 is a three hour introduction program located at our Melbourne HQ in the CBD.

What you will learn in this course.

In this quick deep dive into human-centred design, you will learn how to design and deliver meaningful services that truly meet your customers' needs. Gain practical human-centred skills you can take back to your projects, understand what it really means to have empathy for the people you're designing for, and practice your skills in a fun and experiential design challenge.


What does human-centred design actually consist of? And how do I apply this mindset to my approach to my work and life? 
What's the difference between human-centred design, and design thinking? If I were to use human-centred design in my projects, what would that actually look like? You will:

Learn how to approach challenges with the right mindset and design principles.

Gain an understanding of the double diamond design process.

Identify when you are in the true problem space for your customer or jumping to solution mode.






How might I understand my customers better to create better solutions?

What does it really mean to have empathy for the people I am designing for?

What would happen if I designed without considering all of the factors associated with a particular ecosystem?

Can I actually eliminate my own bias? How might I minimise my bias when designing solutions for the people I am in service with?

Understand what it really means to listen without judgment, and build awareness of which channel you are actually interpreting from.

Learn how removing your own bias will benefit the solutions you design for your customer.

Understand what we really mean by empathising with the people around you.



So what does taking a human-centred approach to problem solving actually look and feel like?

Put your HCD skills into practice with this interactive design challenge. Working in teams, you will uncover your customer's needs, desires and motivations, to gain insight and ideate possible solutions. Experience the ambiguity of the design process before you reach an 'aha' moment!

Learn how to gain insight into the values, motivations and needs of your customer through open-ended research questions.

Reframe insights into how might we questions to ideate from.

Experiment, test and iterate solutions.


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