Human-centred Facilitation.

Take your facilitation skills to the next level by bringing human-centred mindsets and stances into your practice. Unlock creativity, enable real human connection and create rich, satisfying experiences that meet people’s needs.

Our program teaches you how to be the person facilitating others to help them problem solve and build new strategies in a human-centric way.

Unearth new insights and build knowledge in empathy, communication styles, storytelling and the art of running workshops with impact and meaning.



5 & 6 March 2019

This course runs over two full days in Melbourne CBD.


What you will learn in this course.

Over two days, we'll explore the inner and outer worlds of human-centred facilitation: who you need to be and what you need to do.

Day 1.

- Learn the mindsets and skillsets you need for human-centred facilitation. 

Understand how your values and biases impact your own delivery style. With awareness comes power.

- Discover how to build trust with various learning and communication styles in order to facilitate meaningful experiences and outcomes.

Day 2.


- Explore human-centric storytelling, improvisation and toolsets.

- Design your own human-centred workshop, with a focus on experiential learning.

- Bring it all together by rehearsing and delivering the first 5-10 minutes of your newly designed human-centred workshop. Receive valuable feedback.

Places are limited

If you're ready to advance your facilitation skills and create massive impact...

"Huddle Academy gave me great tools, a much-improved understanding of design thinking, and new insight into opportunities at my fingertips. I loved how practical it was. Huddle Academy was thought-provoking, challenging, and highly valuable."

Head of Marketing & Customer Experience, Utilities

Learn by doing.

Transformation can only happen through action. We focus on activating your facilitation genius through practical exercises and activities. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and have some fun. 

Tools and frameworks.

Everyone loves new tools and techniques, so we'll introduce you to some of our facilitation favourites. Learn the mindsets, strategies, and experiences that will equip and enable you to lead by example and continue practising putting people first in your day to day work.

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This is our freshest Huddle Academy course and tickets are selling fast. This is a great way to progress your learning following Designing for People.


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