Designing for People Melbourne, 4, 5 & 18 September 2018.

Deep-dive into HCD mindsets, build empathy, meaningfully connect with customers and collaborators, gain insights, define focus, prototype effective solutions, learn to gain buy-in. This is a three day live program based in Melbourne CBD.


4, 5 & 18 September 2018.

Designing for people runs over three full days in Melbourne CBD.

What you will learn in this course.

In our ‘Designing for people’ program you will work on a design challenge which brings practical hands-on learning backed by knowledge and theory.


On the first day you will be focusing on building understanding of human-centred principles and navigating complex situations. You’ll be introduced to the design challenge and start doing design research. You will:

Learn human-centred design stances and mindsets and how these are applied in practice.

Immerse yourself in your design challenge holistically and from multiple perspectives.

Learn to research effectively and navigate complex problems.


On the second day you’ll focus
on growing a greater understanding of empathy and collaboration through curiosity and experimentation, as well as a deeper knowledge of tools
and frameworks that will allow you
to continue your practice. You will:

Build awareness of varying motivations that drive human behaviour and how this impacts on experience and practice.

Deep-dive into empathy.

Enhance your ability to collaborate effectively and meaningfully with people.

Experiment, test and iterate solutions.


Working with connection is the theme for our last day. Day three focuses on why human connection is so important and how you can have a more meaningful connection through communication. You will look at the role of mindset, enhance your communication skills and provide strategies for applying human-centred ways of working in your practice. You will:

Deep-dive into mindset.

Develop your ability to communicate complexity.

Focus on the people in the system you’re designing for and build a genuine connection with them to increase effective communication.

Learning by doing.

You will be introduced to a specific problem, research this problem, analyse your findings, generate ideas, prototype those ideas and then test and iterate them before a final reveal of your solution.

Tools and frameworks.

You will be introduced to different tools and frameworks. You will learn about the mindset, strategies, and experiences, that will equip and enable you to lead human centricity and continue this practice in your day to day work.

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Tickets for Huddle Academy Designing for People usually sell out fast. This is our most popular program and sets a great foundation for people who are customer-centred.

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Raechel attended Academy in late 2016.


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