How to facilitate extroverts

We recently published an article on facilitating introverts. It wouldn't be fair to exclude our more outward colleagues, so here is a post about extroverts. 

Key points

  • Agree on a signal or mechanism to bring activity to a close and focus attention
  • Give clear instructions with tight timeframes
  • Make your workshops activity heavy. Less theory more doing!
  • Let them shine

At first glance, you may believe it's easier to facilitate extroverts. They're the ones who love activity, love sharing ideas and looooove drinking in the energy of those around them. This is true AND they can also tip the scales toward chaos if not given appropriate constraints and direction.

What do I mean? 

When you're facilitating and/or training, you have a run sheet and a LOT to get through in a day. Time and timing are always on your mind. There's a constant interplay between delivering the necessary content and allowing room for participants to find their own way and integrate what they're...

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