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Icebreakers and energisers

Use these warm up activities to help workshop participants be pumped and present. Use them any time to build connection, focus and rapport. A must for any facilitator.

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Why HCD is like a 4 foot 7 Japanese woman

Have you heard of Marie Kondo and her magical method of tidying up? In this article, we explore the similarities between the KonMari method and human-centred design. It's uncanny!

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How to use listening channels

Are you more of a tune out or tune in type? As human beings, we listen from different channels. Use this tool to increase your awareness and practice of advanced listening skills.

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Tools and frameworks

Download tools, templates and exercises to assist you on your HCD journey.

We'll be adding more all the time, so come on back and keep exploring.

Articles and podcasts

Immerse yourself in the world of HCD with a range of articles, posts, podcasts and guides. 

They're written by Huddlers or handpicked and curated for your learning pleasure.

Project case studies

There's nothing more powerful than a real life example. It's where realtime learning lives.

Understand how Huddle approaches and solves complex problems with our clients.

"The tools I learnt will help our business in breaking down our business problems. I enjoyed how practical it was - I could see how I can apply these techniques to real-case scenarios."

Project Analyst
Insurance industry

Tools and frameworks

Mindful reflection

Structured reflection allows for continuous learning and improvement of our decisions, actions and practices. It helps catch problems early so we can adjust accordingly. Similar to the agile method: small, consistent changes lead to better results.


Listening channels

Are you more of a tune out or tune in type? Do you listen intently or are you just waiting to speak? As human beings, we listen from different channels, even if we don't know it. Use this tool to increase your awareness and practice of advanced 
listening skills. 


Empathy map

An empathy map is a helpful tool to use when wanting to gain a snapshot of a person's or group's perception of what they are experiencing relative to a topic or situation. It provides rich baseline data to spark curiosity and explore further in design research. 


How might we...

The quintessential human-centred design question is "How might that...?" It's a way to transform needs and insights into the basis for creating meaningful solutions. Use this template to ideate and iterate your own "How might we" (HMW) questions. 


Articles and podcasts

Article: Why HCD is like a 4 ft 7 Japanese woman

It was Sunday night and time for some Netflix. There was a new show in our feed called ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’. Ooh this looks interesting. We selected it and watched an episode. Then another. And another. I turned to my girlfriend and said...

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Article: How to be more productive by doing less

Productivity. It’s everywhere. Just ask someone how they are. “Busy” is usually the first word to leave their lips. But…whatever happened to reflection? Taking the time to ponder, look inward and gain some real insight?

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Huddle Show Podcast: Co-designing inclusive communities challenged by urbanisation

On this episode of the podcast, we explore how Lucinda Hartley uses prototypes to test large scale community projects. 

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Article: Develop these 9 habits to become a strong human-centred designer

As human-centred designers, we seek to deeply understand the values, motivations and emotions behind peoples’ behaviours to uncover latent needs. Adopting these 9 habits will help. 

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