Unlock the power of human-centred design.

Huddle Academy teaches you the tools and mindsets to lead innovation, solve complex problems and design services and experiences your employees and customers will love.

Our intention is to enable you to embody the principles of human-centred design—empowering you to lead human-centricity in your organisation and in your life.



Upcoming public programs.

7th December, Melbourne.

WTF is HCD? Let us teach you. HCD101 is a three-hour intensive introduction to human-centred design, where you'll learn its core principles by undertaking a fast-paced and fun design challenge. Learn to build empathy, listen with intent and embrace uncertainty as a means of creating innovative solutions that last. 


5th, 6th & 20th February 2019, Melbourne.

This is a three day live program based in Melbourne. Learn what it truly means to adopt mindsets required to creatively problem solve for the people you're in service with, build empathy, meaningfully connect with customers and collaborators and experience a hands-on design challenge; research, gain insights, define focus, prototype effective solutions, learn to gain buy-in and bring your learnings back into your organisation!


27 & 28 November, Melbourne.

A two-day program to learn the key attributes of effective facilitation. Discover how to bring a human-centred mindset to support you in running more engaging, creative and outcome-based meetings, group sessions, sprints and workshops.


Enterprise HCD capability building.

Huddle has been building capability in large enterprises since 2009. We partner with our clients to take a holistic view on capability building that covers not only practitioner capability, but also leadership capability. We have found this approach to be essential in getting new ways of working to stick, and deliver positive outcomes over the short and long term.

We deliver:

  • Public programs.
  • Private programs for teams.
  • Bespoke training specifically designed to further meet your team's needs.
  • Scaled programs to build large scale HCD capability across your organisation.

Holistic approach.

We take a holistic approach to capability building by instilling the right mindsets while building the knowledge required about how to do human-centred design well. These are backed up by the skills and tools to do it efficiently and at scale.


Icebreakers and energisers.

Warm your team up for collaboration with these ready to download icebreakers and energisers.


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